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5. March 2019
International Intellectual Property

Apple has won in the Federal Patent Court. The focus was on Apple's DE patent on display orientation, i.e. the determination and modification of the display depending on whether the user holds his smartphone upright or sideways. This important basic patent was filed as part of the PCT application and was rejected by the DPMA.

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26. February 2019
Healthcare & Lifesciences

U.S. company Amgen has successfully defended two patents related to its cholesterol drug Repatha. The U.S. court in Delaware yesterday confirmed the validity of the patents at the center of the patent dispute with Sanofi and Regeneron.

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25. February 2019
Healthcare & Lifesciences

Protection by a supplementary protection certificate for the new formulation of an active substance is important for the development of new drugs. The granting of several SPCs on the basis of the same patent has been judged in the case law of recent years.

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21. February 2019
Design Law

If a manufacturer is prohibited from selling its goods in Germany after a competition infringement, it must also recall products that have already been delivered. What is to be considered in this respect for defendants and claimants in an injunction relief and in an interim injunction?

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