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20. August 2018
Healthcare & Lifesciences

Interestingly, the last major proceedings on equivalence led to contradictory national judgments of the national courts. Do equivalent means tend to strengthen or limit the offence of patent infringement?

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16. August 2018
Product- and Trademark piracy

The Hong Kong Customs Department uses a supercomputer with artificial intelligence to discover Internet shops with counterfeit goods. The computer makes the work of the customs officials more effective and efficient - about one third of the confiscated goods can be accounted to the supercomputer.

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14. August 2018
International Intellectual Property

Descriptive signs are excluded from trademark registration. There are often problems with trademark applications in Germany that have a more descriptive character in a foreign language. This also applies to the case of "Mangal", which was decided by the Federal Patent Court in 2016 and therefore made a lasting mark on this debate.

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13. August 2018
Trademark Law

If a manufacturer is prohibited from distributing its products after an anticompetitive violation, it must also recall them in accordance with the case law. Current German judgements on injunctive relief for false statements on the Internet strictly interpret this: an injunctive debtor must also check possible infringements by third parties.

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10. August 2018
Patent Law

The iPhone maker must again defend itself in court against the patent licensing company WiLan. This time, a Californian court found Apple guilty of violating two wireless communications patents. The tech giant has already announced a complaint against the verdict.

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