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Veröffentlicht am: 17. September, 2016

New design, new navigation, improved pagespeed and mobile usability: these are only a few changes after our relaunch of

Only some days ago we won an award for our website. Despite this great honor we already planed an optimizing of our internet presence since some time. The old design didn’t reflect the law firm enough anymore. We wanted a clear design and navigation as well as a more visible focus on our blog. You can see all these changes at this site you are looking at right now. In the following we will describe all the detailled changes.


What did change since the relaunch?new-homepage-after-relaunch


The new design is now even more consistent. It is modern and fresh and appears friendly and vivid because we do use more pictures now. Our “law firm colour” orange is more present and became a visual guide through the whole website. Furthermore the social media icons are placed more noticable and invite every visitor to have a look at our various profiles.



Since the relaunch here have been many changes in the site’s navigation and the theme structure as well. The buttons “Services“, “Company” and “Contact” did keep their name and position. Our Blog is not called “News” anymore and was highlighted in orange to be more visible.

The subitems of the button “Contact” were reduced to the essentials to be more clear.

Another change for better orientation did happen at the blog itself. From now on you can already see the blogpost’s category in the teaser. We also used different colours for every category so you can find what you are looking for even quicker than before.


This is how the old navigation looked like…



…and this is the new one.





The blog did become more visible. The different categories of the news are easier to find at the homepage as well. The latest german and english articles are now visible with a picture and a teaser as well as their category instead of being hidden in the navigation. You instantly get an overview about all news from our lawfirm.


Mobile usability

The usability of our website got optimized for the mobile use as well. Just grab your tablet or smartphone and have a look yourself. ?


More interesting changes


Our new weighting function

The area below a article did change a lot. You have now the opportunity to rate the article and can instantly see the average rating of other readers. Furthermore you can now share the posting in your social media networks. And if you are interested in the category of the read article you find similar posts after the headline “Related Posts”.




For now the relaunch did happen in english and german. The turkish and chinese version will follow soon.


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