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17. June 2015
International Intellectual Property

If your company?s IP is infringed by Chinese counterfeits, both revenue and reputation might be in serious danger. But how should you react in this situation? To help you shed light on what might only be an uncertain guess until now, we have listed 8 striking clues. We also provide some first aid tips on how to take action against Chinese piracy.

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10. June 2015
Trademark Law

Many people believe that in China intellectual property is rather a paper tiger than a serious method to protect a company?s innovation. Measures and strategies to register a brand, patent or design are assumed to involve more risks for the own invention than protection. This particularly includes the widespread fear of stealing and copying ideas, also referred to as ?counterfeiting?.

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1. June 2015

Have you received a warning letter due to a patent- or trademark infringement? Then probably there is a pre-formulated cease-and-desist declaration with penalty clause enclosed. This is sometimes also referred to as ?declaration of discontinuance?. At the first moment this might seem inviting for you: Just an easy signature and you elude an expensive lawsuit. But watch out! A hasty and imprudent signature could easily cause financial risks. In the following we will give our recommendations for such a situation.

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27. May 2015

Product and brand piracy, also known as counterfeiting, are a serious problem for innovative companies exhibiting and selling in the EU. To protect your revenues on the European market and to shield your business against counterfeiting, you should consider applying for customs seizures. They are a proven method to get a hold of these people who steal your ideas and use them to make business in the EU and in Germany. Now let us give you the answers to some really important questions around border seizures to make sure you can better protect your products and ideas.

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2. May 2015
Patent Law

What does a patent cost? Every innovator may have asked himself this question. Not many things in life are for free and also not the application for a patent. Unfortunately there are no fixed prices. Therefore today we will inform you about the factors which influence the costs of a patent.

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