European Patent Office: Official Journal August 2016 is out!

Veröffentlicht am: 5. September, 2016

Last Wednesday, August 31st 2016, the European Patent Office released the new Official Journal (“OJ”). It includes news for the Patent Prosecution Highway pilot programme, Guidance for the payment of fees, expenses and prices and discusses about the Validation of European patents in the Republic of Moldova. 

Right on time the European Patent Office (EPO) has released it’s newest issue of the “Official Journal”. The OJ is your source of official information and general notices from the EPO, and of other information relevant to the EPC or its implementation.

European Patent Office



The August issue features the following content:

1. Information from the EPO

• Notice from the European Patent Office dated 2 August 2016 concerning the handling of enquiries as to the processing of files

• Validation of European patents in the Republic of Moldova

• Patent Prosecution Highway pilot programme between the European Patent Office and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore based on PCT and national work products

2. Representation

• List of professional representatives before the EPO

3. Fees

• Guidance for the payment of fees, expenses and prices

4. Boards of Appeal

• Index of published decisions of the boards of appeal and the Enlarged Board of Appeal (as at 31.08.2016)



• Accession to the PCT by Djibouti (DJ)


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