Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer again featured “Leading Patent Professional”

Veröffentlicht am: 18. August, 2017

Patent law firm Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP again belongs to the 1000 best patent- and trademark experts around the globe. Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer, patent attorney and partner of Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP, is mentioned in the newest edition 2017 of the “IAM Patent 1000”. This legal register of the leading patent attorneys is a proven guide, now available as sixth edition.

Renowned and famous attorneys are provided by the register, who presents experts in patent- and trademark law around the globe and american trademark experts as well. Country by country and assorted by various subject areas the legal experts are listed.

In chapter “prosecution and nullity” patent attorney and partner Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer  is featured as one of the leading patent practitioners in Germany. Being featured as leading patent professional is a great honor to Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer. No matter if you are a single applicant or a large-scale enterprise, we offer you expertise and know-how and will do our best to protect your Intellectual Property – all around the world.





“Germany remains a hive of patent activity…The hottest topics remain the enforcement of standard-essential patents (SEPs), the continued convergence of patent and antitrust law, an increase in arbitration and heightened client demand for bundled services.”


IAM Patent 1000The IAM Patent 1000 was developed within a few years to the pioneering register of the leading patent attorneys and chancelleries of the world. The process for the comprehensive data collection takes place over several months by a team of full-time analysts, an intensive research process. Whoever ultimately qualifies as one of the best law firms in the IAM patent 1000, in addition to interviews, also is decided on aspects such as success in the market and positioning in the market. For this purpose, the analysts of the IAM Patent include more than 1000 leading patent and law firms in 49 countries and 18 US states in their research process.




Nicholas Richardson, research editor for the IAM Patent 1000, explains: “Patents are essential business commodities and knowing how to obtain, enforce and monetise them has become mission critical for companies in all industries. … The guide has been compiled following an extensive research process. Over five months, IAM conducted in the region of 1.800 interviews with numerous attorneys at law, patent attorneys and in-house counsel to gather market intelligence on the leading players in the field.

Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP is a Patent- and Law Firm located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). We can help you in all matters concerning Patent Law, Utility Model Law, Employees’ Inventions, Trademark Law, Design Law and Trademark & Product Piracy.

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Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP awarded IP Excellence Awards 2017

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