WIPO releases the Madrid Highlights 01/2017

Veröffentlicht am: 15. May, 2017

Our friends at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have published release the newest issue of their “Madrid Highlights”. The 1/2017 version features a 2016-throwback stating that the Madrid System experienced another record year in 2016, with 52,550 applications filed – 7.2% more than in the previous year. Other topics such as the Change in the Nice Classification 11th Edition, the newly published Classification Guidelines and the Madrid Goods and Services Manager (MGS) will also be discussed.

2016 marks a record year the Madrid System


The Madrid System experienced another record year in 2016. Applicants from the United States of America filed the greatest number of these applications, followed by trademark owners from Germany, France and China.

L’Oréal of France topped the list of filers, followed by the Glaxo Group from the UK, and Germany’s BMW and Lidl.

The top five classes specified in international applications were – 1) computers and electronics, 2) services for business, 3) technological services, 4) leisure, education and training services, and 5) clothing.

> More detailed Information about these statistics here


Nice Classification 11th Edition Changes

The latest edition of Nice Classification, which entered into force on January 1, 2017, introduced a number of amendments for the benefit of trademark owners, including the introduction of 334 completely new terms. Other changes included amendments to 15 Class Headings, modifications to Explanatory Notes for 7 classes and transfer of many goods between classes.


Madrid Goods and Services Manager (MGS) Integrate Nice Changes

The MGS recently integrated all modifications to the 11th edition of the Nice Classification. This tool offers a number of invaluable features and content designed to support users in compiling acceptable lists of goods and services for their international applications. Thanks to its exclusive “check acceptance/rejection” function, trademark owners can, in a few simple steps, find out if their goods/services will be accepted by WIPO and some 29 Offices of Designated Contracting Parties.


WIPO Classification Guidelines Published

The recently published “Examination Guidelines Concerning the Classification of Goods and Services in International Applications”  provide detailed guidance on WIPO’s classification principles. This includes general information on the Nice Classification and the Madrid System, classification principles applied by the International Bureau and practical information on the acceptable format of goods and services lists.
Used in conjunction with the Madrid Goods & Services database, the Classification Guidelines are an essential tool to help you avoid classification irregularities.



Legalization of Extracts from the International Register

WIPO-Madrid-system-JPGCertified copies of extracts in the International Register exceptionally require legalization by Members of the Madrid System; however, clients may need to have them legalized in Non-Madrid Member States.  For this reason, WIPO launched a service, in August 2013,  by which users of the Madrid System can obtain legalization of certified extracts from the International Register.

All you need to do is send an e-mail to Madrid Client Records Unit ([email protected]), specifying the international registration number, the type of extract required, the time limit (normal or expedited) and the country for which the extract is requested.

Cover pages can be requested in any one of the United Nation’s six official languages.  An expedited service is available for extracts that are required urgently.


WIPO will take care of all formalities before the interested country’s embassy or consulate in Switzerland on behalf of clients. Clients will receive the official document and invoice directly from WIPO.


Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD) Launched

The Madrid Registry introduced an ACD to improve responsiveness to customer queries. The system matches callers to WIPO Madrid staff taking calls in English, French and Spanish. Implementation of the ACD system is just one part of a broader Madrid Registry initiative focused on delivering better customer service for trademark owners and representatives. Over the coming months, new online contact forms will be introduced and the number of contact points will be further streamlined.


Guide to Completing the Most Frequently Used Forms

Making the Most of the Madrid System, the quick and simple reference to completing Madrid forms, is now available in the three Madrid System working languages: English, French and Spanish.

This manual outlines practical tips on how to complete Madrid forms, including information concerning optional and mandatory fields. Essential Madrid System information, including filing, geographical expansion, renewal, and modification of several parameters of your international registration, is also included.

Making the Most of the Madrid System also provides specific guidance on costs and method of payment relating to each transaction.



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