Trademark regulation: New fee system and name change

Veröffentlicht am: 20. January, 2016

There are several changes regarding the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the Community trade mark. From 23.03.2016 on OHIM will be changed to EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).OHIM_Logo.jpg


On that date all existing CTMs and CTM applications will automatically become European Union trade marks and European Union trade mark applications, respectively.

Pay for what you need – positive impact for trade mark applicants

The Community trade mark included protection for three classes, costing ?900 for an electronic application and ?1 050 for a paper application. The Amending Regulation sees the Office move to a one-class-per-fee system. This means that in practice applicants will pay a lower fee if they only apply for one class, the same fee if they apply for two, and a higher fee if they apply for three or more. Renewal fees are substantially reduced in all instances and set to the same level as application fees, and there are also reductions in opposition, cancellation and appeal fees.

The amending Regulation also revises the fees payable to the Office, including an overall reduction in their amounts, particularly in the case of trade mark renewal fees. On 23.3.2016, the Office?s online application forms and fee calculator will be automatically updated to reflect the new system.

Application fees (e-filing)
CTM (old system) Fee EUTM (new system) Fee
First class 900 covers up to three classes First class €850
Second class Second class €50
Third class Third class €150
Fourth and all subsequent classes 150 Fourth and all subsequent classes €150
Renewal fees (e-filing)
CTM (old system) Fee EUTM (new system) Fee
First class 1 350 covers up to three classes First class €850
Second class Second class €50
Third class Third class €150
Fourth and all subsequent classes 400 Fourth and all subsequent classes €150


New European Union certification mark

European Union certification marks will be introduced in 21 months’ time. These will allow ‘a certifying institution or organisation to permit adherents to the certification system to use the mark as a sign for goods and services complying with the certification requirements’ (Article 74b EUTMR).

The registration cost for an EU certification mark will be the same as for an EU collective mark, i.e. 1 800 (1 500 e-filing); 50 for a second class; 150 for a third (and all subsequent) classes.
Press release OHIM


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